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Seably operates under a subscription model, which means that organizations pay a monthly or annual fee for a Seably for Business subscription. Included in a subscription, employees get unlimited access to all public courses on the Seably Marketplace and other features like offline viewing through our mobile apps.

As a content provider, this means that the users can enroll in your courses without additional payment. Instead, you get paid based on a royalty system every time a learner completes your training.

The basis of the royalty pool is that Seably takes a portion of our revenues each month and re-distributes them to content creators on a quarterly basis using a royalty pool algorithm called; Seably Equilibrium™. The algorithm makes sure each content provider gets a fair share of the platform earnings, while the remaining revenue goes towards supporting and investing in the Seably platform, running our day-to-day operations, and marketing your courses. The algorithm has multiple factors that influence payout sizes, the most important described below:

1. Number of Completed Courses

The foundation of your royalty payouts is the number of times learners with connected licenses have taken your courses. Each completed course grants you royalty payouts.

2. Value of Your Course

Seably Equilibrium™ assigns a value to your courses based on multiple factors, including single purchase price, course length, and regulatory compliance. This value influences how much each course completion will grant you.

3. Interaction on the Marketplace

The third variable relates to your target audience on the Marketplace. If you target a niche segment of our users, this will increase the payout per completed course. If your course is targeting the mainstream audience, each completed course will generate a bit less.

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