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Why do you need to take webcam pictures?
Why do you need to take webcam pictures?
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Courses approved by a flag-state authority require the use of a webcam. After completing a course, we review the camera pictures and compare them to your previous uploaded Personal Verification to establish your identity as well as making sure that the course was completed without any inappropriate help. We only take pictures while answering questions within the quiz steps.

This enables us to issue certificates, all-digital without any physical classroom training needed. Think of it as a replacement for comparing a government ID against a real person before entering a classroom, when taking a test.

How long do you store the pictures?

We store your pictures until the next flag state audit with means a maximum storage time of 36 months. After each review, we delete the pictures.

Is storing personal pictures, compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes, it is. According to GDPR, we may store personal information of our users that we need for a specific purpose. The purpose is to check that the right person has done a course without the help of anyone else. When we completed that check, it would have been appropriate to delete the pictures taken during the quiz session. But, since we issue a proof of training, which then converts into a flag state certificate, the flag state also needs to compare the images. During our external audit, conducted every three years, the flag state reviews randomly selected images. This means saving your images for up to 36 months is GDPR compliant.

Lastly, you can rest assure, your images are stored securely on Swedish servers in a very safe environment.

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