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Settings: Notifications and Deadlines
Settings: Notifications and Deadlines
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From the assignment settings, you can fine-tune the last details. Decide who should be selected as the assignment sender, set deadlines, and decide how your participants should be notified.

Assignment Sender

The first setting is the assignment sender. Select who should be visible when notifying participants. Should an admin user be the sender, or your organization?

If you have a personnel manager, training director, or HR manager known throughout the company it can be smart to set this person as the sender โ€“ the admin's avatar will then be visible when notifying. It might be better to use your organization as the sender; the company logo and name will then be visible in the notifications.

Delivery Channels

What channels should be used to deliver the notifications? The messages will look a little bit different depending on the channel, but information such as courses, assignment sender, and deadline will always be included.

Supported channels:

  • Push notifications

  • Email

  • SMS

Note: That SMS requires the participant has a mobile phone number on their employee profile card. Similarly, push notifications will only be delivered to participants who have downloaded the Seably mobile app and have allowed us to send push notifications.

Assignment Deadline

If your assignment is time-sensitive, then using a deadline can be of great help. There are three possible options to choose from when setting an assignment deadline:

  • No deadline

  • Courses should be completed on a specific date

  • Courses should be completed within a specific period

Selecting No deadline means the users will be notified about the new assignment and then see the courses in the "Assigned to me" group on their home page. The users will not receive any pushes to complete the cours(es) on a specific date. However, we send a bi weekly assignment digest in the first month when user is triggered to remind them they have courses to be completed.

By selecting Courses to be completed on a date, you get the option to set a specific date when all participants should have completed the courses. This is a good option for assignments that should be completed before a physical training session or, before the first day on the vessel, or before the first of January. One caveat is that for automatic assignments, where the participants have added automatically over time, this can lead to very tight deadlines or even deadlines that have already passed when they get assigned the courses.

The last option, Courses to be completed within a period, allows you to decide a period of time in terms of days, weeks, or months within which the participant should complete their training. This can be very valuable for training new recruits who should go through company-wide training. The period starts counting from when the assignment is started or from when the participant joins the assignment.

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