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Employee Data
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Seably lets you create custom data attributes on your employees, based on criteria that are specific to your account.

You can then use this data to filter and create employee groups.

How do I create custom employee data?

To create a new attribute in your account, go to "Settings > Employee data" and click "New attribute"

Give your new attribute a name, ID, and format of data it will store.

Click Add attribute and it will be added to your Employee Data list. It will also be shown on your employees' profile cards.

Employee Data - Add new attribute

Types of attribute

An attribute must follow any one of the following formats

  1. Text

  2. Number

  3. Decimal Number

  4. True or False

  5. Date

  6. List


The Attribute ID added for each attribute will be used as a reference in the Employees REST API endpoints.

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