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Why is my Personal Verification Rejected?
Why is my Personal Verification Rejected?
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Have you recently submitted your personal verification? In this article, you will get an idea of the process of approval of your verification.

Our support team processes your submitted Personal Verification within 24 hours after submission every Monday – Friday. All Personal Verification submitted after working hours from Friday until Sunday will be reviewed on Monday.

Approved Personal Verification

We only accept proper submission of Personal Verification.

A clear picture of a government-issued document/ID is needed. The document needs to state the Government (Issuing Country), Full name, Date of Birth, Date of Expiry, and ID Number.

A picture is taken with good lighting, not cropped, blurred, and matches the person in the ID.

See the below photo as an example:

Government Document/ID

*Note: This expired ID is only used for example purposes and has hidden crucial information.*


Rejected Personal Verification

There are multiple reasons why our team rejects your personal verification.

  1. Wrong Type of Image(s)

    • When the system asked you to submit your document/ID and selfie, but you uploaded either both of your document/ID or both of your selfies.

    • When you choose to upload your passport but submitted a seaman’s book.

    • When you submit a picture of your Passport cover.

    • When you upload your selfie when the system asks you to submit your document/ID and vice versa.

    • Cropped pictures or only a portion of your uploaded selfie or photo of yourself can be seen.

  2. Non-Verifiable Image(s)

    • When your picture is not clearly taken or hasn´t captured the entire ID with all the information stated (the Government (Issuing Country), Full name, Date of Birth, Date of Expiry, and ID Number)

    • Blurred picture. If our team can’t see the information and all the letters/numbers in your ID.

  3. ID has Expired

    • If you used an expired document.

  4. Other

    • Your name is not filled out properly on your Profile and Account

    • Our team indicates what is the reason for this rejection.

An email notification will be sent to your email if your Personal Verification is approved or why it is rejected.

If you have submitted Personal Verification and your certificate is pending more than 24 hours (during working days) please check your SPAM folder or reach out to our Support team via chat or on via

In case of rejection, you can click on the PROVIDE VERIFICATION blue button on the email or follow the steps on how to submit personal verification below.

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