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How To Set Up Participants in the Assignment Section?
How To Set Up Participants in the Assignment Section?
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Do you need to assign courses to a segment of your employees? This article will explain how you can set up the participants for your assignment

When setting up an assignment, you'll need to fill out the following conditions/setup:

Who Shall This Assignment Apply To?

During this stage, you'll choose whether you want to cover all employees (Everyone in the Organization) or just a specific group that you've created under employees (Groups).

There are three options for segmenting employees based on your setup in 'Who Shall This Assignment Apply To?'. Please note that you can only choose either one of the three options.

1 All employees in this organization

  • If you select Everyone in the organization, the assignment will be assigned to all employees in the organisation.

  • However, if you select a specific Group, it will only be assigned to all users in that group.

2. An automatic segment

In this section, you have options to segment/filter the employees depending on the available organization data/account data in your organisation.

Filtering employees in this segment will be dependent on how you set up the section 'Who Shall This Assignment Apply To'. It's important to check this section as it will define the results of your segments.


  • Any Condition: When selecting this option, an employee will be triggered whenever they match any of the segments you set (Position, Vessel, etc.) on the 'Segment by'. This means that if you select Any Condition and you set Master/Captain (Position) for Vessel United Kingdom, all users under any of these groups will be triggered.

  • All Condition: An employee should match all the segments you set on the 'Segment by'. If you add segments such as Master (Position) and United Kingdom (Vessel), they have to be a Master in the vessel United Kingdom to be part of the assignment.

Segment by:

You can add multiple segments if you need to further filter the employees. This could include specific positions, specific vessels, or any of the organization data you have in your account. It can also be segmented according to Groups created under Employees.

3. A manual selection

This option will allow you to manually include individual users in the assignment.

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