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Participants: How to Select Participants
Participants: How to Select Participants
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The participants can be selected either automatically or manually. With an automatic assignment, new participants will be added continually if they match your preset conditions. With a manual selection, you select each participant individually.

To get started, create an assignment and go to the "Participants" tab. There you will see three options, described in detail below.


Using the everyone setting means that all existing and future employees of your organization will be assigned the courses in the assignment (as long as it's set to live).

This is very useful for company-wide training such as onboarding, familiarization, and company policy training.

Automatic Segment of Employees

The automatic segmentation feature is the smart one and allows you to target specific groups of employees within your organization. Using the conditions, you can filter specific sets of users by combining filters for:

  • Vessel

  • Position

  • Sign up-date (the date the join Seably)

This participant type is useful for more niche training, such as an onboarding course for a specific vessel or an engine room course for all engine room personnel.

Manual Selection of Employees

Manual selection lets you manually add the employees โ€“ one at a time. You can search for employees by either name, email, or phone or browse among your employees and multiple select the ones you are interested in.

This participant type works well when you know exactly which individuals should participate in the assignment.

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