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Groups help you organize your users in an automated fashion. As an example you can create a group for all captains across your fleet. Even better, using the groups you can restrict which data your admins should see. This way you can assign an admin specifically for your group of captains, easy-peasy.

Please note: Groups is in active development and will be included into more features on the Seably platform in the future. For instance, you will be able to re-use your groups when creating an assignment or filter using the groups when looking at your reports.

Getting Started

Groups are built to automatically categorize your users so the first question you should ask yourself when creating a new group is; “Who do I want to target”. When you’ve made that decision you click “New Group” and give your group a reasonable name.

In the section that follows we will assume you want to create a group for all your Deck Operations personnel, creating a group called “Deck Operations”.

1. Add group members

To filter out which group members should be part of the group you utilize the filters at the top of the page. Here you can select from all the standard attributes as well as potential custom attributes that you’ve setup specifically on your organization.

For our test group we would select all user that are connected to your deck operations positions.

2. Add admins

Second you can decide if you want to add some specific administrators to this group while creating it. Keep in mind that admins that have access to all users in the organization also will get access to the people in the group you’re creating.

3. Save your settings

Clicking the save button on the top right of the screen will create your group and automatically add the admins you’ve selected. When this is done you can view the group in the Employees interface by clicking “View” at the top of the interface.

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