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While it’s easy to create professional training in Seably, you may have legacy courses you’ve built with other platforms and want to make available to your learners. Or maybe you've built content that contains gamification or surveys that you can't yet recreate in Seably. That’s why we make it easy to import your third-party training.

Export Your Training?

Seably supports content exported using SCORM 1.2 or any edition of SCORM 2004. When you export your training from your third-party tool, save it to an easy-to-access place on your PC.

SCORM is the most widely used e-learning standard available. It provides the communication method and data models that allow eLearning content and LMSs to work together. It tells programmers how to write code so that what they build will “play well” with other e-learning software. Read more about SCORM here

How to package your content as SCORM?

The heart of the SCORM content packaging specification is the course’s manifest file. The manifest is an XML file that completely describes the content. Read more about SCORM Content Packaging here

Import Your Course

  1. When signed into Seably, Go to Builder.

  2. Click on the Import option.

  3. Upload your SCORM .zip file. Allow the system to validate and process your file. This might take a few minutes depending on the size of the uploaded file.

  4. After processing it successfully, Builder opens your course for further edits and allows you to name the course, upload a thumbnail, write a course overview, and preview the course - before it's ready to be published.

Update Third-Party Training

You update imported third-party training by going to the Course Settings and click Upload new version and follow the prompts. If the course isn't published, your content will be updated immediately once the new file is successfully uploaded. If it's been previously published, you must click Publish for the changes to take effect.

Why Isn’t my Third-Party Content Displaying Properly?

If you run into an issue with your imported third-party content, like a game in your content not working correctly, try testing the exported package’s validity with a third-party tool like SCORM Cloud. If it doesn’t have any issues there, reach out to us here.

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