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Settings: Renewal time on Certificates
Settings: Renewal time on Certificates
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If you need your employees to retake courses after a specific period - we have a solution!

By setting up renewal time on the courses you assign to your employees, automatically requires them to take the courses once again after they expire. This will help you manage and monitor your employees’ training, ensuring that it remains up to date.

You can begin setting up the renewal time in the Assignment section.

  1. Go to the Admin section by clicking on “Manage” in the upper right section of the page.

  2. Then head over to “Assignments”.

  3. This setting can be applied either to New or Existing Assignments. See below how to set up either of the two.

New Assignments

Begin setting up your assignments, you can read more about setting up assignments here.

  • To edit the renewal time for each course, you need to click on “Edit” below the course title. Please note that there are only two options available: “No course renewal time” or “Course to be renewed within a period”.

  • Choose the time frame on when you need the course to be renewed. Set up the period either how many Day(s), Week(s), Month(s), or Year(s).

  • Click on “Update Time” to save.

Existing Assignments

  • Go to the assignment that you need to edit.

  • Head over to the courses of your assignment.

  • Then click on “Edit” below the course title.

  • Select “Course to be renewed within a period” to set up the time frame when you need your employee to retake them.

  • Then click on “Update time” to save.

Apply Changes or Save and Start your Assignments

After you have made necessary adjustments to your New or Old Assignments you can either save it as a draft or begin the assignment and notify the employees.

  • “Finish Later” will allow you to save it as a draft wherein you can do all the changes without notifying the employees.

  • “Start Now” will allow you to set it live and begin assigning the courses to the participants.

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