Did you know that you can do your training even without the internet connection?
Well - now you do! 😁 This way you can still do all courses without thinking about the internet.

Our app is made for learners that do now have a stable or even no internet connection whatsoever. If you know that you are going to be onboard don´t hesitate to download all your training on your phone.

If you log in to your app and you click on a course you will see the name of the course, the blue button to ENROLL NOW and then tabs such as Overview and Lessons.
Under the tabs, you can either Download the course Offline or Save it as a Bookmark.

If you click on Download Offline you will be able to track the download. When the download is finished you will see that it is Saved Offline. Don't forget - depending on the size of the course and your internet connection download can take up to a few minutes.

You can find all courses that are saved for offline usage under the Offline section in your app menu.

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