Seably generates revenue from a subscription model, where shipping companies pay a monthly fee per employee. The subscription includes unlimited access to all public courses in our library.

Each month, 50% of Seably's total subscription revenue goes to a royalty pool for training providers. The remaining revenue goes towards marketing and promoting your courses, supporting and investing in the and platform and the apps, and running the day-to-day operations of our business. Through our royalty model, training providers are paid out based on their share of the minutes spent by seafarers across the platform each month. 

For example, if 5% of all minutes spent on Seably by Seably for Business subscribers happened in a training providers course(es), then that training provider would receive 5% of the revenue allocated to the royalty pool that month.

Since Seably is a subscription service, the size of the royalty pool and the time spent on Seably fluctuates from month-to-month. But the more minutes students spend in your cours(es), the higher the share of the monthly royalty pool you will earn.

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