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Getting Started Building Courses
Getting Started Building Courses

A step-by-step guide where we will show you how easy it is to build courses

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We know that it sometimes can feel challenging get going with new content production. We advise you to start with organizing your content around a strong lesson plan and think about the end-users needs, and learning outcome.

In this tutorial we will talk about getting started using Builder. We will show you how easy it is to go from start to finish when building your own courses.

Builder makes it super easy to create your courses. Each part is designed with a comprehensive reading experience in mind to let the student focus on the content and the content only.

Create Lessons

Create lessons by stacking modular media, text, and interactive blocks. Customize each block with your content and in any order you want.

Add Quizes to Build Interactivity

To verify achieved knowledge, add quizzes to your course. Seably makes it easy to find out what learners know.

See What You've Built

Preview individual lessons or your entire course before publishing. See how it'll looks to learners on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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